About NIMA

The Netherlands Institute of Marketing

The NIMA is an active association of marketers and for marketers with a broad network of members like marketing specialists, companies, marketing faculty of universities and students studying marketing. The NIMA has an examination body holding up to10,000 examinations a year in the fields of marketing, sales, communication and market research. The NIMA operates for more than 40 years and is located in  Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The main activities of the NIMA include holding examinations and scientific research in the field of marketing. The NIMA also develops standards for marketing education in the Netherlands and works under supervision of the Dutch Chamber of Examinations. As a network organization, the NIMA organizes different kinds of marketing-related activities for its members such as trainings, workshops and conferences.
The NIMA is a full member of the European Marketing Confederation (EMC).

NIMA training standards

The NIMA training and education system has been famous in the Netherlands for decades. The NIMA certificate is a requirement for all specialists working in the field of marketing. The essence of the certification system is separation of the examinations from the training part. In other words, the NIMA organization develops standards for training of marketers and organizes examinations, but does not participate in training activities. Training is done by other parties.
NIMA deals only with the examination and certification of the students. This system guarantees a standard of examinations and similar level of proficiency of all NIMA graduates.
The NIMA has established the standards for training and examination of marketers in the Netherlands and is a sounding board for Dutch companies and universities related to the field of marketing.

Training Philosophy

Our approach to education is based on active involvement of the participants Development of the competences (the combination of Knowledge, Skills and professional Attitude) of the marketing practitioner is the main focus of the lectures.
We believe that marketing competences can only be developed with an active and practical approach. Application of theory in the practical working situation of the participants is essential. The training of the whole program is built around the principles of action learning and competence based education.
Participants can bring in real cases from their own working situation and solve them together with trainer and other participants.  All trainers in the NIMA Marketing Qualification programs have practical experience as marketers in (international) companies. All trainers are selected according to the NIMA  standards and trained by the Dutch partner in order use the NIMA training standards successfully. Our trainers do not only transfer the knowledge, but also function as coach in order to guarantee the highest possible result of the training.

Core principles of NIMA education and examination

  • Strict separation between education and examination
  • All examiners should be trained and certified examiners
  • All trainers should have broad practical experience as a marketer in the business environment.
  • All trainers are trained by ETCN. Trainers that are not trained by ETCN, are not allowed to act as a trainer.
  • Trainers should, besides acting as a transferor of knowledge and experience, also act as a coach
  • Lectures are built around the practical working situation of the participants.
  • Development of competences should be central. Competences are described in the competence profile of the different NIMA programs.
  • During the lectures, the exchange of experience between the participants plays an important role.
  • Personal approach towards the participants
  • At the end of the course, written evaluation with the participants must take place.

International accreditation

The NIMA marketing qualification programs are internationally accredited by the European Marketing Confederation. As a result, the NIMA diplomas are recognized in the seventeen EMC member states. All graduates get besides NIMA diploma an EMC certificate.